Workshops for teams


Practitioner development is key

A key aim of Climate Museum UK is to support cultural and civic workers to address the challenges of engaging audiences with climate change.

We can run workshops for teams and groups, for example:

  • in Arts & Culture organisations or professional networks
  • in environmental NGOs or voluntary groups
  • in public engagement and professional practice in Higher Education.

These bring some of the Climate Museum UK collection and activities to help you think through:

As well as half-day or full-day workshops using these tools, we can also offer short talks or longer, more bespoke commissions.

Following an initial talk or workshop, we could run a second session to involve a team in installing the pop-up Climate Museum. This creates a tangible way to learn through devising an appropriate experience for your audiences. The participants could be a team of both staff and audience representatives. You can open the pop-up Museum to public for a short time to gain audience feedback: what do they want you to do about this Emergency? What kind of experiences do they find meaningful and useful?

This is unique training, and valuable because of the complex nature of the Emergency, and the way it challenges everything we take for granted.

Please get in touch on to discuss your needs, your budget and what we can offer.

Many of the workshop activities we use are freely shared here under the name Possible Culture. This refers to the idea that cultural organisations will continue to exist despite future challenges by looking squarely at those challenges, imagining the future, and being relevant to their communities.

“That was fabulous! You are indeed doing what you say…talking about the problem and engaging with both public and peers. I am inspired.” Alison Smith, following training workshop at MuseumNext, London, June 2019