Climate Museum UK

A mobile museum creatively stirring a response to the climate emergency and our threatened biosphere

This is a vision to create an experimental mobile museum, and a growing collection of artworks and activity tools, exploring climate change and the biosphere in ways that empower its participants to learn, share testimony and take positive action.

The first rule of Climate Museum UK is talk about climate change.

The values are:

  • Taking an expanded view on situations, which means being ecocentric, intersectional and compassionate
  • Being anticipatory of the full possibilities of the future, including both critical uncertainties and positive solutions
  • Being Of, By and For the people involved AND the more-than-human populations that form our living biosphere
  • A non-harmful footprint in the funding and operation of its projects.

The aims are:

  • To develop the capabilities of arts, science and cultural workers to address the complex and challenging area of engaging audiences with climate change
  • To educate and empower audiences in ways they might take action around climate change and other biosphere threats

The objectives are:

  • To create an evolving display or installation which tours around the UK and invites responses about the experience of climate change, and about possible sustainable futures
  • Around this core display, to generate support and funding for professional development workshops, installations and participatory projects in partnership with community and cultural organisations
  • To run tours that add climate change to the story of any museum or heritage site
  • To develop an expanding digital presence – archiving and promoting work under the umbrella of Climate Museum UK, and running social campaigns, as well as pointing to relevant resources and collections held by campaign groups and museums
  • To play a role in international networks working towards designing regenerative cultures, implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and integrating environmental and social justice.

If you want to contribute:

  • Read and comment on the blogposts, for example about the first prototyping workshop and the first trial of Museums + Climate tours
  • Respond to the online questionnaire about how Climate Museum UK can respond to professional needs
  • You can play a role by offering to be a pinner on a Pinterest board, writing a blogpost, or suggesting resources we might collect or link to
  • You can commission us to run a workshop, tour or creative installation for audiences
  • Or just connect – and ask to be added to a mailing list for occasional email news


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Image source Mapas Owje

Creatively stirring response to the climate emergency