The 1st rule of CMUK is talk about climate change!

We are an emerging mobile museum creatively stirring responses to the climate and ecological emergency. We support organisations to explore climate change and related issues in ways that help their communities to learn, create and take positive action. In turn workers will be more able to continue engaging with climate change in ways that are relevant to their purpose and place. 

The environment has been seen for too long as a single issue, separate from economy and society. As the climate emergency unfolds, some are suffering first and worst, particularly those in the Global South. In the UK, people are also negatively affected. People will need emotional support and empowering education in order to maintain peace, wellbeing and thriving. We want to respond to this with compassionate, conversational methods for supporting people in a changing time, encouraging them to take an expanded view of future possibilities.

What we’re working on:

A pop-up museum: A kit of ‘loose parts’: props and curious objects, infographics, games, activities and a library that can be installed differently to suit each host organisation. The pop-up is installed through a one-day workshop with staff and supporters, then, when ready, opened up to a target group or wider public. The participatory activities invite visitors to add their own responses, which are digitally captured in a story online. It is flexible enough to be installed in many types of space: museums, libraries, schools, , visitor centres, businesses or empty shops. We’re also popping up at conferences, festivals and outdoor events.

Museums+Climate tour: As an alternative or after the pop-up museum we can work with organisations to create a tour script for their museum, heritage site or town. The tours add climate to their story, on relevant themes such as energy, industry, food or inventions. A script then provides an option to offer to visitors or groups.

Digital museum: We’re developing an expanding digital presence. We are gathering collections of climate music, art, design and information resources, using Pinterest. We are running social campaigns, and pointing to relevant resources and collections held by climate campaign groups and museums.

Advocacy: Founder Bridget McKenzie is playing a role in UK-wide and international initiatives furthering the role of culture in climate action, regenerative economies and integrating environmental and social justice. A key project currently is inviting cultural workers to declare a climate and ecological emergency #CultureDeclaresEmergency


If you want to contribute:

  • Follow and promote us on Instagram, on Twitter and Facebook 
  • Read and comment on the blogposts
  • Respond to the online questionnaire about how Climate Museum UK can respond to professional needs
  • You can play a role by offering to be a pinner on a Pinterest board, writing a blogpost, or suggesting resources we might collect or link to
  • You can talk about inviting us to an event, about hosting a Pop-up Museum or Museums+Climate tour workshop
  • Or just connect – and ask to be added to a mailing list for occasional email news.