Climate Museum UK is a mobile and digital museum creatively stirring and collecting responses to the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

We commission and make creative activities, games and artworks, and collect books and ephemera, and then use these in events and digital projects to engage with public and professional audiences. Through pop-up installations or bespoke creative activities, we help public or educational audiences to learn, create and take positive action. Through workshops, talks and games lunches we help professionals to explore these complex issues in conversational and creative ways.

Our offer for public and learning audiences: We have a kit of ‘loose parts’ – props and curious objects, infographics, games, activities and a library. All of it or parts of it can be used or installed differently to suit each host. It suits indoor spaces in museums, libraries, schools, visitor centres, or empty shops. See the photos from our pop-up exhibition in Brighton. We can also develop bespoke activities to suit your group or visitors.

Our offer for professionals and teams: We can run half-day or full day workshops for teams in cultural, educational, business or campaign organisations. We can also do talks or lead creative discussions in conferences, or longer bespoke commissions such as Climate Games lunches for staff.

Digital museum: We’re developing a digital presence, of collections of climate art and information, currently using Pinterest. We are also planning a ‘distributed commons’ of climate-related artefacts, sites & resources across the UK. We are running social campaigns.

Advocacy: Our team members are also activists and advocates, playing a role in UK-wide and international initiatives furthering the role of culture in climate action and regenerative economies. For example we actively support Museums for Future, Remembrance Day for Lost Species and Culture Declares Emergency.

If you want to contribute:

  • Follow and promote us on Instagram, on Twitter and Facebook 
  • Read and comment on the blogposts
  • You can be a pinner on a Pinterest board, write a blogpost, or suggest resources we might collect or link to
  • You can invite us to an event, to organise a workshop, host a Pop-up or more
  • You can donate an artwork, a book, printed resource or creative tool
  • Or just connect – and ask to be added to a mailing list for occasional news.
RA Eco Visionaries CMUK pop up
Pop up at Royal Academy

Go here for more about our Story of Change, our principles, our offer and what it costs.

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