Climate Museum UK doesn’t have a building, and our activities happen where our members live. We also do stuff online, and since March 2020, due to Covid-19 we’ve been focusing on events in Zoom, and using blogs and social media.

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1. Extreme Weather Stories

A growing collection of experiences and stories about extreme weather, which is being worsened by climate breakdown.

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2. Everyday Ecocide

In this social collecting project, we highlight and discuss how our everyday thinking and communications are blind to the environment. Join, follow, and use #everydayecocide

3. Stories of Extraction

Our Activist Museum Award has allowed us to enquire into Digital Commons Collecting and the idea of Extractivism. We’re looking into how to put an #EcoLensOnThings – highlighting the climate and ecology stories behind art, history & science collections online. See this vision for digital engagement around climate. 

4. Climate Music

We are growing a collection of music and songs about climate change and the environment. We’ve also held Climate Open Mic nights, and one of our members is thinking about climate sound art and Climate Museum UK radio. 

5. Other digital projects

#TimeToMend, a campaign to encourage people to mend things rather than buy new

#ActsOfTreeKindness, challenges & resources during the Urban Tree Festival

Art ideas – see #DrawingEnergy, our contribution to #ChildrensArtWeek – daily art activities exploring different aspects of energy, and #ClimateofChange, weekly drawing challenges during the climate-themed #BigDraw2020

#MyClimateMuseum, a call to create and share climate museums you can create in your home, garden, school or anywhere. And inviting ideas on what a climate museum can be. 

#CultureTakesAction, calling for your stories and sharing ways that arts & culture can tackle the Earth crisis

#ClimateBooks, inviting reviews of books and other media, posted on our blog

Resources for Lockdown Learning on climate and ecology 

#Rewild2021, calling for and sharing ideas on how to rewild our lives

#UnitedforBiodiversity, as part of the United for Biodiversity Coalition, social media & posts 



We are collecting responsively to an enormous and complex issue, aiming to share resources urgently for learning and inspiration. The biggest collection is on Pinterest, many thousands of visual bookmarks linking through to articles, artworks and tools across the internet.

Room 1: Appreciating the Earth
Room 2: Exploring the Earth crisis
Room 3: Ideas for Activism
Room 4: Ideas for changing the system
Room 5: Ideas for living sustainably
Behind the Scenes: How museums & arts can be reimagined for the Earth crisis