Climate Museum UK may one day have a building full of objects and experiences. We do have a small studio where we work and keep our stuff. But for now, you can only actually visit us when we travel round and pop up in other people’s places. So, what is the Digital Museum?

This is a range of digital activities that opens up access to resources and collects the contemporary response to the Emergency.

For practitioners and organisations, we have a collection of workshop tools to respond to the Emergency.

A lot of time is dedicated to social media, to share our learning and contemporary collecting:

Whenever the Museum pops up, it will generate new artworks and ideas, which are shared.

As collections are acquired or made (e.g. books, posters or games) they may be catalogued, reviewed or illustrated.

As part of our Activist Museum Award, we’re working on a way to create a ‘digital commons collection’, where organisations can still keep objects or stories that they ‘donate’. We also aim to signpost collections of climate art, science and campaign history held elsewhere to increase access to them.

For now, we are creating collections of digital material, for education and inspiration.

One of these is a collection of music and songs about climate change and the environment.

We also have a set of resources to help teams and organisations to explore the emergency and plan action.

The biggest and growing collection is on Pinterest, visual bookmarks linking through to resources across the internet. If you’d like to collaborate on any of these boards please connect,  with your Pinterest ID and interest in a board. Explore in the sub-pages under the Digital tab above.

Room 1: Appreciating the Earth

Room 2: Exploring the Planetary Emergency

Room 3: Ideas for Activism

Room 4: Ideas for changing the system

Room 5: Ideas for living sustainably

Behind the Scenes: Exploring what Climate Museum UK might be