Digital Museum

Climate Museum UK may one day have a single base but it’s not intended as a visitor attraction in one building. For now, it is mobile, to visit where it is needed. So, what is the Digital Museum?

This helps us achieve the mission of supporting cultural & civic workers to respond to the Emergency, by sharing tools and showcasing what we do. For practitioners and organisations, we have a collection of workshop tools to respond to the Emergency.

A lot of time is dedicated to social media, to share our learning and contemporary collecting:

Whenever the Museum pops up, it will generate new artworks and ideas, which are shared. As collections are acquired or made (e.g. books, posters or games) they may be catalogued, reviewed or illustrated.

In future, we hope to signpost collections of material artefacts of climate art, science and campaign history held elsewhere to increase access to them (e.g. by other museums who might borrow them).

For now, we are creating collections of digital material, for education and inspiration. One of these is a collection of music and songs about climate change and the environment.

The biggest and growing collection is on Pinterest, visual bookmarks linking through to resources across the internet. If you’d like to collaborate on any of these boards please connect,  with your Pinterest ID and interest in a board. Explore below.

Room 1: Appreciating the Earth

Geography, ecology and images of our awesome earth

Coral reefs

Hidden and small animals

Indigenous people, their life-ways and places

Patterns of nature

About mychorrizae or mycelium

Climate Art – many artworks about beauty of life on Earth

Room 2: Exploring the Climate & Ecological Emergency

Climate Basics – simple infographics about climate science

Global Impacts of Climate Change and Ecocide

UK Impacts of Climate Change

The Arctic and Antarctic: Climate impacts, images and histories

Infographics and data about environmental change

Climate denial and corruption 

Climate Health – including mental health impacts

Fire in climate breakdown – wildfires etc

Climate Visuals – open source images of climate & sustainability

Climate books and stories 

Climate Art – many artworks help us understand the Emergency

Room 3: Ideas for activism

What Joanna Macy calls ‘holding actions’ – stopping the harm

Climate movements

School & youth climate strikes

Ideas for creative activism

Costumes and masks for creative activism And another focused on Climate Halloween

Ideas for actions that connect people 

Remembrance Day for Lost Species (Nov 30th)

Climate Art – many of the artworks are activist

Artists and cultural organisations who have declared emergency 

Room 4: Ideas for changing the system 

What we might call ‘prefigurative action’

Ecological innovations – multiple sections

Ecological architecture 

Future-building inspiration – tech, society and environment

Sustainable Development Goals and Climate

Towards thriving places 

Art and creativity for trees and forests

Climate Art – some of the artworks speculate or generate a regenerative future

Room 5: Ideas for living sustainably

These are also prefigurative actions but are on a smaller scale, more domestic, or easier

Eco-friendly light spectaculars – alternatives to fireworks 

Alternatives to holding a balloon release

Ideas for watering plants & conserving water

Games & play to develop resilience

Greener clothes & fashion

Greener living – reducing waste and living well

Green facilitation and freelancing

Behind the Scenes: Exploring what Climate Museum UK might be:

Climate Museum UK pop-ups – documenting some of our events

Design ideas for mobile and pop-up experiences

Design ideas for climate exhibitions

Stories of Extraction and Regeneration – a planned project

Possible exhibition topics: e.g. Love in a time of emergency