Ideas for system change

These are ideas for innovating and changing how we live, design, work and relate to each other, helping to change systems. This is what we might call ‘prefigurative action’.

Eco Innovation

Images of future building inspiration

Innovation and solutions, with over 30 sections:
Transport, Solar, Technology, Textiles and Fashion, Furniture and Product Design, Biomimicry and Biomimic Design, Food and Farming, Circular and Ecological Economy.

Future Building Inspiration

Images of innovation solutions collection.

Inspiration for young people forging sustainable, thriving futures in technology, society and environment.

Thriving Places

Images of thriving places collection.

What makes places thrive, and the role of culture and ecological thinking in this.

Art of Trees and Forests

Images for art of trees and forests collection.

Includes: Creative Enquiry, Community Sites & Projects, Moving Image & Film, Made from Wood / Trees, Play, Events & Learning in Forests, Books, Stories & Articles, Acts of Tree Kindness, Protests, Artists & Exhibitions, Creative Ecology, About Trees, Memorial for Lost Trees, Mychorrizae / Mycelium.

Also see Climate Art – some of the artworks speculate or generate a regenerative future.