Appreciating Earth

Thousands of articles, images and resources to help you learn about and appreciate the planet, its ecology, biodiversity and cultural diversity.

Ecology and Place

Earth, ecology, climate image collections.

Sections include:
Species of Life; Geology and Spectacular Landscapes; Human Settlements; Changing Earth; Patterns of Nature; Ecology Overviews; Oceans; Coral Reefs; Polar Places.

Diversity of Cultures

Image and article collections of diverse cultural relationships with the Earth.

Sections include:
Black Lives Matter; Sacred Places; Mandela Madiba;
Indigenous People and Place; Female Myths and
Figures; Inuit Art; Indian
Heritage; Brigid / Bridget.

Hidden Animals

Celebrating the diversity of nature through animals that might be out of sight.

Sections include:
Living Networks; Reptiles;
Arachnids; Mammals; Aquatic; Birds; Insects.

Climate Visuals

Visual images about climate causes, impacts and solutions.

Over 20 sections including:
Deforestation; Earth Hour;
Migration; Development and
Solutions; Farming; Recycling and Reusing, and many more. Many of these images link through to sites such as Climate Visuals for you to use.

Climate Art

Multi-section collection of art and exhibitions about climate change and related issues.

You may also enjoy the collection of Climate Art – 30+ collections of art, exhibitions and articles about climate and ecological art.

See also Art of Trees & Forests.

And if you like your resources to be visual, the whole Pinterest collection is a good way into exploring climate and environment.