Appreciating Earth

A range of collections of articles, images and resources on various themes about ecology, place and biodiversity

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Ecology and Place: Geography, ecology and images of our awesome earth

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Coral reefs: the amazing diversity of life in coral reefs, and their decline

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Hidden and small animals: includes microscopic animals, rare species, insects etc.

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Indigenous people and place: includes many articles, photo-stories and campaigns

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Oceans: about ocean health, climate impacts on oceans and marine life

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About mychorrizae or mycelium: the fungal connectors supporting trees and other plants

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Patterns of nature: Photography that illuminates extraordinary geometry, deep structures and beauty in nature

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Remembrance for Lost Species:About extinct and endangered species, linked to Lost Species Day, annually on 30 November

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Climate Art – 30+ collections of art, exhibitions and articles about climate and ecological art. See also Art of Trees & Forests.