Appreciating Earth

Thousands of articles, images and resources to help you learn about and appreciate the Planet, its ecology, biodiversity and cultural diversity.

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Ecology and Place

Sections include Species of Life; Geology and Spectacular Landscapes; Human settlements; Changing Earth; Patterns of Nature; Ecology Overviews; Oceans; Coral Reefs; Polar Places.

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Diversity of Cultures

Sections include: Indigenous People and Place;  Female Myths and Figures; Inuit Art; Indian Heritage and more.


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Hidden animals

Microscopic animals, rare species, insects, animals not seen because they are in wild habitats etc.

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Climate Visuals

20 sections of images, with a large number linking through to sites such as Climate Visuals making images available for you to use.

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Climate Art – 30+ collections of art, exhibitions and articles about climate and ecological art. See also Art of Trees & Forests.