Behind the scenes

These are gathering ideas about climate engagement, environmental museums, experience design, and climate conversations.

Climate Museum UK pop-ups

Documenting some of our events, including #TimetoMend, Climate Talks at ONCA, Requiem for a Dead Planet, Museum Next, Big Green Day, Telegraph Hill Open Studios, Citizens Climate Lobby / National Self Build Centre, and St Margaret’s.

Design ideas for mobile and pop-up experiences

Cultural engagement – portable culture.

Design ideas for climate and environmental exhibitions

Ideas for displays & projects for Climate Museum UK, including sections on: 3D ideas, Learning resources, Museums and attractions, Objects and collections, Graphics and illustration, Walls and displays, and Ethos and approach.

Stories of Extraction – an enquiry project about colonialism and the environment

Looking at the possibilities of digital cultural collections with a climate and ecology lens, sections include; Experiences of extractivism, Stories of regenerative culture, Illuminating extractivism, and Digital Commons Collections.

Several of the boards are to capture ideas between our team members, such as Possible exhibition topics: e.g. Love in a time of emergency.

See our Flickr albums of photos of some of our pop-ups, and Instagram, where we regularly picture our activities. And, if you’re interested to find out more connect to receive email newsletters and have a look at our blogposts