Exploring the Planetary Emergency

Thousands of articles, education resources and infographics all about aspects of the climate and ecological emergency.

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Impacts of Climate Change and Ecocide

Hundreds of articles, stories and images about human-caused damage to the environment. Sections include: Migration and displacement; drought and crops; extreme winds; extraction and land use; pollution; floods and rainfall; costs and economic losses; evidence of change; impacts on culture and society; natural heritage loss; forests and fire; sea levels and coasts; tipping points and feedback; biodiversity loss; insect decline; climate impacts in UK.

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Environmental data and infographics

Hundreds of diagrams, data and links to evidence about environmental issues. Sections include: Basic climate science; food and land use; pollution and waste; biodiversity; future projections; geography; interesting communication; impacts; evidence of change; causes; and solutions.

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Extreme weather experiences 

Stories and experiences of people in extreme weather and climate disasters. Sections include: General climate experiences; drought; extreme winds; floods and rainfall; fire in climate breakdown.

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Responses to Planetary Emergency 

Several sections about the social, psychological, cultural and economic response to the emergency. Sections include: Attitudes and Coping Strategies; Climate Adaptation; Climate Health; Climate Movements; Youth Climate Strikes; Love in Time of Crisis; Climate Talk; Play for Resilience; and Climate Denial and Corruption

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Climate Visuals –

Open source images of climate & sustainability

Climate Basics

Resources that clearly explain the causes and science of climate change

Climate books and stories 

And, Climate Art – many artworks help us understand the Emergency