Ideas for Living Sustainably

This is a range of collections about low footprint and alternative ways of living.

Eco-friendly Light Spectacles

Images for eco-friendly light display collection.

Green alternatives for celebrations and events, including holograms, lanterns and illuminated sculptures.

Better than Balloon Release

Images of environmentally friendly alternatives to a balloon release.

Green alternatives to a balloon release, including flags, seed releases and other public art displays.


Images for watering plants and conserving water collections.

Ideas for watering plants and conserving water using innovative and regenerative solutions.

Resilience games

Games and activity ideas to build resilience.

Greener clothes & fashion

Low footprint living – green and sustainable clothes.

Greener living

Low footprint living, with sections including; System change, laws and guidance, Making, Holistic green living, Plants, gardens & permaculture, Planet-kind products, Greener clothes and Greener buildings.

Green facilitation and freelancing

Green alternatives for celebrations and events.