Who are we?

Beckie, Lucy and Susannah at our Climate Talks exhibition


Climate Museum UK is now a registered Community Interest Company with ‘large membership’. We currently stand at four directors and fourteen team members. We will be adding their biographies here shortly.

Directors are museum founder Bridget McKenzie, artist Beckie Leach, exhibition designer Lucy Carruthers and arts manager Victoria Burns. Team members include Fatima Khuzem, Katherine Rose, James Aldridge, Alara Adali, Julia Gros, Justine Broussard, Meg McKenzie, and Brian McKenzie.

Our community is not limited, and we welcome approaches from affiliates.

We have hosted two student work placements and are open to more, and we welcome volunteers helping with tasks such as building up our digital collection, reviewing climate resources and exhibitions, or writing blogposts.

We will also continue to run prototyping workshops, which you can hear about by joining our mailing list.

Pic of Bridget presenting
Museum founder, Bridget McKenzie