dead flower scarf
Illustration by Meg McKenzie

I’m Bridget McKenzie, supported in this project by a small network of collaborators. These include my daughter Meg McKenzie, partner Brian McKenzie, and my co-director in Flow Associates, Susanne Buck. Several people have given time and ideas, including artist Beckie Leach and exhibition designer Lucy Carruthers. There have been a number of prototyping workshops and making days supported by young people and artists.

I work 1 or 2 days a week developing Climate Museum, and hope this might increase and that more practitioners can get involved.

I’ve been running personal projects on culture and climate action since 2008, including:

  • Everyday Ecocide: Challenging an ecocidal mindset in our media and culture, including denial and erasure of climate change
  • Beuysterous: Promoting creative activism for trees and forests, as protecting and planting forests are key to climate action
  • Possible Culture: Resources, training and conference speaking – for cultural organisations to anticipate future environmental and social challenges.

And am working on a voluntary basis to support:

  • Culture Declares Emergency: Arts & Culture individuals and organisations declare a Climate & Ecological Emergency
  • Culture Unstained: Challenging sponsorship of cultural organisations by fossil fuel industries
  • Lost Species: Supporting the annual Remembrance Day for Lost Species.
  • ONCA: Creating space for change, based in Brighton.

120 people are signed up as supporters, to receive occasional news updates. Please email climatemuseumuk@gmail.com if you want to join