Ideas for activism

This is a range of collections with links to projects, activists, campaigns and toolkits on creative activism and protest movements.

Black or BIPOC environmentalists

Growing list of activists who are black, indigenous and people of colour. (This is a new list, so suggestions for more are welcome).

Women environmentalists

Collection of women activists and experts on climate and ecology. Many are from Most Affected People or Areas. Again, this is a new list so suggestions are welcome.

Climate Movements

Links to groups and protests worldwide, though with an emphasis on UK and recent movement history. Suggestions of links to less recent movement history are very welcome.

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School & youth climate strikes 

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Climate talks

Ideas and resources for conversations, assemblies and talk

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Ideas for creative activism

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Costumes and masks for creative activism

And another focused on Climate Halloween

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Ideas for actions that connect people

Remembrance Day for Lost Species

Sections includes creative ideas for acts of remembrance, for Lost Species Day, Nov 30th

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Climate Art

A huge collection about exhibitions and artists of several genres and artforms.

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Some of the artists and cultural organisations who have declared emergency