Public offer


We love doing pop-up museum events and creative workshops for people, whether for schools, youth groups, families, community groups or just general public.

We can bring our materials and create a pop-up experience:

  • A big and growing library, which includes graphic novels, children’s picture books, novels and poems, practical books and non-fiction – all about climate and environment.
  • Games that we’ve created and adapted to support conversations about climate causes, impacts and solutions
  • Posters and interactive wall-based activities
  • Protest ephemera, such as t-shirts, flags, placards and leaflets
  • A mini-museum of handling objects
  • A wide range of creative activities and materials, to create your own book, letter, story cube, wall chart, Lego climate-friendly house, and more.

Our costs are on a sliding scale according to how much material we bring, how many people are needed, and how far we need to travel. We are also developing a DIY printable display, so that you can create your own pop-up.

You can commission us to create something special for an event. Examples of what we’ve produced in the past include:

  • Running a Climate Games cafe, developing new games or inventing them with participants, as well as our existing collection of games
  • Costumes (and actors wearing them) of the Rubbish King and Mr Bags
  • Large pollinator wings installed in a bench, for people to become an insect for a selfie
  • A participatory project where children drew creatures they imagined living below ground, interpreted by artists into a mural of their area showing below and above the ground.

All of the artists and communicators in our team have past experience and their own practice or expertise, which we can draw upon too.

See this for an overview of costs. Email us on to discuss your needs. After a conversation or receiving a brief from you, we can produce a fully costed proposal.

“It was an absolutely wonderful day. You put so much thought into every detail, from the animal characters to the beautiful library, making such a heavy topic really accessible for families. I’m sure lots of them will have left being really inspired.” Olivia Bladen, Royal Academy, about our pop-up at their Climate Champions family studio