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Creative Climate Conversations with Climate Action Lewisham

We love doing events and creative workshops for people, whether for schools, youth groups, families, community groups or just general public. Since the pandemic, many have been held online and our capacity to travel and to plan together has been limited. We are starting to return to in-person activities.

We can develop projects with you that might include:

Identifying an existing or new Climate Museum UK associate local to you.

Offering a preparatory training or ideas development session.

Delivering one, or a series of, online or in-person activities that might use:

  • Participatory work with a small group to develop an experience for a wider audience
  • Creative explorations of outdoor spaces
  • Workshops for specific audiences that use clay, handling objects, drawing, games or more
  • Temporary interpretation of museum collections that put an ‘eco lens’ on them
  • A pop-up day with games, books, interactive posters, and prompts for creative activities

Our costs are on a sliding scale according to how much material we bring, how many people are needed, and how far we need to travel. We are also developing a DIY printable display, so that you can create your own pop-up.

You can commission us to create something special for an event. Examples of what we’ve produced in the past include:

  • Climate Talks exhibition at ONCA Gallery, Brighton, 2019
  • Climate Games cafe, developing new games or inventing them with participants, as well as our existing collection of games
  • A Big Green Day, with costume characters, climate music, books and games, alongside other stalls
  • The Wild Museum, with animal curators, at Timber Festival 2021

All of our associates have a wealth of experience and tools which we can draw upon.

See this for an overview of typical costs. Email us on to discuss your needs. After a conversation or receiving a brief from you, we can produce a fully costed proposal.

“It was an absolutely wonderful day. You put so much thought into every detail, from the animal characters to the beautiful library, making such a heavy topic really accessible for families. I’m sure lots of them will have left being really inspired.” Olivia Bladen, Royal Academy, about our pop-up at their Climate Champions family studio