Invitation to be heard

With young Londoners in mind, how should culture and creative learning respond to the Earth crisis?

We are Bridget McKenzie and Beckie Leach McDonald from Climate Museum UK. We have been asked by A New Direction to lead one of their Listening Projects. We invite you to contribute, to have your voice heard on this question above.

We will run three online focus groups and 12 interviews in February to explore:

  • Your experience of culture, creativity and the Earth crisis
  • The role of creativity and critical thinking in exploring diverse views and complex problems, and in generating solutions
  • Decision-making and youth voice on culture and the Earth crisis
  • Culture & creative practice as a vehicle for positive change 

If you’re keen to take part please complete this short survey form by 12th February. 

  • Focus group for teachers & parent educators: Thursday 18th Feb 2.00-4.00
  • Focus group for cultural & creative workers: Monday 22nd 2.30-4.30
  • Focus group for young people: Tuesday 23rd Feb, 4.30-6.00
  • Interviews at a time to suit you, or by email. 

We may need to be selective to ensure balanced representation, so will be in touch to confirm your place and send more information to help you contribute. People who live or work in, or are strongly interested in, London will be prioritised.

Climate Museum UK is a mobile and digital museum. We run a participatory programme of conversational activities that focus on the lived experience and social dimensions of the Earth crisis.

A New Direction is a London-based non-profit, generating opportunities for children and young people to unlock their creativity. In January 2021, in a rapidly changing context, A New Direction commissioned five partner organisations to work with them to listen to the concerns and experience of young Londoners as well as organisations within the rich ecology that supports young people, creativity and culture in the city. This work is called the Listening Projects, and outcomes will feed into AND’s future planning and activity.  

The Listening Projects cover five themes: the experience of young Londoners, supporting organisations leading practice, the Earth emergency, enabling cultural communities, and employment and work. Outcomes will be published in early summer 2021.

You might be approached to contribute to more than one Listening Project. We do appreciate this is a difficult time, and that you may not have capacity to respond. We would be most grateful for your contribution to the Earth crisis theme, or to others that interest you. If you have any questions do email us on

4 thoughts on “Invitation to be heard”

  1. From which locations are you looking for participants in the focus groups, Bridget? Just London? Just England? Or more international?


    1. Thank you for asking. We’re wanting to prioritise people who know London, by working in it, living in it, or being in some way invested in its future. We’re happy to hear views from people e.g. via email who don’t know London so well. I’ll amend the text to make this clear.


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