CMUK Story of Change

CMUK is now a team of creative climate communicators, artists and educators. We had our first team meeting on November 7th. On the agenda was discussing our ‘Story of Change’ and what services we offer. The following is what we agreed together:

Top-line description:

We are an emerging mobile museum creatively stirring and collecting responses to the Climate and Ecological Emergency. We commission and make creative activities, games and artworks, and collect books and ephemera, and then use these in events and digital projects to engage with professional and public audiences. Through workshops, we help professionals in cultural, educational or environmental organisations to explore these complex issues in conversational, creative & object-based ways. Through pop-up installations or bespoke creative activities, we help public or educational audiences to learn, create and take positive action.

Our Logic Model of change:

Screenshot 2019-12-10 15.19.59

Our principles: 


What we offer and what it might cost

NB: These rates are for public & third sector organisations and may differ for corporates (who could be invited to pay what they can). They are set to cover our costs of expertise, time and materials rather than to make profit.


  • 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Using one or two tools
  • Could be a professional talk with slides, or more creative (e.g. storytelling, poetry reading, interactive discussion).
  • Cost £100-£400 depending on timing, size of audience or preparation needed.


  • Half a day, full day or longer
  • Bespoke training or facilitation using some of the tools, e.g. a small version of the Museum
  • Cost £350 half day, or £700 full day for two facilitators. To add, travel costs and £350 per day for additional preparation or follow up needed.


  • One day or longer
  • Installed and facilitated by CMUK’s own team, suitable for festivals, climate weeks, conferences etc.
  • Cost £250 per day per person needed to install and facilitate. Minimum 2 people (depends on size/number of visitors).
  • Add one day (c.£350) to meet, plan or support marketing
  • We can also work with you to run a full-day workshop with a staff/stakeholder group to explore the tools, to trial and select them, to co-create an installation suited for your audience, topic or site. The Museum, when installed, can be facilitated by your staff, perhaps supported by our team.


We can work with you as expert audience researchers and creative content developers to develop:

  • A Story of Change – a future plan to engage staff, communities or audiences in ways that account for the climate and ecological emergency
  • A script that brings climate or environmental themes into a tour or workshop that you can then regularly offer to animate your site
  • Ideas and plans for site-specific artworks or public art projects relevant to climate or environmental themes
  • Specially designed displays on climate or environmental themes.
  • Learning resources, games and publications, including a DIY display package.

Devising and planning is at the consultancy rate of £400+ per person per day. Tasks such as design, writing or creative production would be costed according to the skills & materials needed.


  • Allow for travel costs of carrying the materials by train.
  • A mini-museum (e.g. paper-based activities and handling objects) can be carried by one person but the full museum and library requires two or three people.
  • Email us on to discuss your needs. After a conversation or receiving a brief from you, we can produce a fully costed proposal.




Published by: bridgetmck

Director of Flow Associates, cultural consultants, since 2006. See Before this I was head of learning at the British Library, Education Officer at Tate and similar roles. I'm interested in cultural strategy, arts interpretation, digital futures, environmental sustainability and creative education.

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One thought on “CMUK Story of Change”

  1. Hi Bridget, First time I’ve come to this website. I’m so amazed to see the progress and consolidation of all your ideas and thinking of the last years expressed through the website and your plans. A true coming together of all your prior experience, skills and knowledge. Bravo!!!!


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