Culture Takes Action

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We were one of the first organisations to declare climate & ecological emergency with the launch of Culture Declares Emergency in April 2019. The Earth crisis has intensified since then, with Covid-19 resulting from ecological harm. Through much suffering & injustice we can start to see the links between the multiple emergencies, to see the scale and urgency of the situation, and to see the greed and corruption that perpetuates the harm. So, again, we declare emergency and dedicate ourselves to stirring and collecting the contemporary response to this emergency, as well as taking direct action to stop harm and shift to a regenerative, sustainable and just world.

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#CultureTakesAction is a season of declaration, followed by action. Here’s how you can get involved
1. Sign-up to Declare Emergency, and recruit others to join the movement
2. Drop a banner on your building and via social media using #CultureTakesAction #CultureDeclaresEmergency, from 28 August
3. Write and share your #LetterstoPower from 1st September
4. Click “going” on the Facebook events, here and here, and post pictures, videos & updates of your actions and invite others to join
5. Sign the Letter to DCMS by 31st August and also…

6. Share your stories of action that you have done, or plan to do, following your emergency declaration.

To help Culture Declares Emergency, we have undertaken to collect stories of action that are shared through #CultureTakesAction

Here are some ideas for what you might do to take action, around the core of Telling Truths, Taking Action and Seeking Justice.

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And here are some suggestions for how you might go deeper, working with communities or colleagues to develop resilience in the face of this emergency. So, if you are acting in ways that tell truths, you will need to support people to face despair. You may want to balance this truth-telling with taking practical action because in doing so you are stirring hope. And if you are seeking justice, the emotional work of doing so is significant. It involves nurturing forgiveness and recognising that emotional labour falls unequally on the shoulders of black people, indigenous people and people of colour.

culture takes action

There is no hierarchy for these dimensions of action. You cannot do one without the other. Actions to reduce your ecological footprint – if these are done on their own – may feel to be inadequate to some communities who have been historically affected by exploitation or inequality.

Here’s a Jamboard where you can add examples of what these 24 ideas for actions look like in your practice, experience or imagination.

Please use #CultureTakesAction to share your stories of action, and we will share them on our social media platforms and in our Pinterest board.

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