Rewild 2021

Rewilding is about letting nature take care of itself to heal and restore damaged ecosystems. In 2020, we grew as a team and spent some time in the Summer to think about our future and what kind of museum we wanted to be. We used the challenge to apply for the Reimagining Museums for Climate Action prize. We were inspired by the idea of Rewilding, and asked questions about how we might rewild museums and our ways of working. We decided to be a ‘mychorrizal museum’ – to grow our distributed network of practitioners, growing their own collections and activities in local partnerships, while we strengthen our bonds through a set of shared principles and infrastructure.

Inspired by this thinking, for New Year’s Eve, we want to share a set of ideas for you – for how you might rewild your life in 2021. We’ve shared this on our social media, and invited people to share what they are planning to do in 2021, using the hashtag #Rewild2021 Please do get involved. We’d love to know in more detail what you will do, whether rewilding your own life or places and ecosystems.

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