Tools for a Regenerative Culture

Update: See Bridget’s summary of her learning on this programme, capturing some of what she shared in these sessions.

Join Bridget McKenzie on a four week learning journey to explore possible tools for a regenerative culture.

Sign up here. It’s free of charge, one hour on Wednesday afternoons starting on 7th April at 5.30pm (UK time), on Zoom.

Each session will discuss four possible routes to survival and thriving in the face of the Earth Crisis.

7th April: How can positive deviance and ecological principles help people achieve food sovereignty and food security?

14th April: How can we create an ‘oikonomics’ – a more ecological economy – and how might digital tools and cultural shifts help with this?

21st April : How might we create a regenerative culture by changing how we work and by seeing organisations as living, evolving systems?

28th April: How can we imagine and spread knowledge of new ways of organising our businesses, our communities and our economies? What can culture do to enable this imaginative world-building?

This follows on from Bridget’s participation in a course called Tools for a Regenerative Renaissance. To graduate she has to offer a four week learning journey to spread this learning. See more in this article.

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