Find Your Flow and Change the World

Here is all you need to Find Your Flow and Change the World.

It’s a handbook, a visual guide, packed with tools you need for these times of social and environmental crisis. The tools are concepts and practices for wellbeing of self, communities and the whole planet. Most of the tools are my own ideas, and some are borrowed from other people. Where they are borrowed, I’ve made my own images to represent them or have tweaked familiar diagrams, and I’ve credited the originator of the idea. Each page of content can be printed and used as a handout or poster.

I’m a visual thinker. My ideas come to me as shapes, and I need to turn other people’s ideas into pictures so that I can understand them. Most of the illustrations are handmade with ink or collage, and some are made with digital tools so that they can be as clear as possible. I really believe that visuals are needed to help communicate the Earth crisis and the solutions we need. If you’re the same, I hope you find this book useful and inspiring.

In 2006, I gave up my job to set up a company, Flow Associates. I wanted to do work where I could get into a state of flow, and to help others do the same. As the Earth’s troubles have worsened, I have chosen work that helps tackle them. In 2018, I had the idea for Climate Museum UK and have been developing and testing these ideas through our activities.

This is the first complete draft of Find Your Flow and Change the World. A few illustrations need some fine-tuning, and with your feedback the content can be improved. It’s a digital book so that you can print the pages you need, as you need them, to save paper and ink.

It’s a big handbook of 114 pages, and has been created over the past four years, so I hope you’ll find it rich, thoughtful and helpful.

You can download it here.

On the Etsy shop, you will also find the Culture Takes Action toolkit, and more artworks and resources will be added over the coming months.

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