Wild Takeover in Beckenham

On Saturday we were one of the contributors to the Love Your Park day in Beckenham Place Park. We were blessed with beautiful weather and the unfurling greenery of the mature trees, being near friends such as Climate Action Lewisham and Lewisham Cyclists, as well as the enthusiastic participation of huge numbers of children and families.

We let our museum be taken over by wild beings, and rather than creating a polite exhibition as a normal museum might, we created three protest parades speaking for the voices of the wild.

For some of the time we were in animal costumes, as squirrel, magpie and badger, or let children wear the costumes.

We offered a range of books and resources for families to explore biodiversity and how human activities are affecting the planet. We asked them to imagine themselves as a wild being – a worm, bee, bird, tree, or anything they wanted to be whether it was an inhabitant of the local park or a threatened wild place elsewhere. We asked how would you feel and what would you say about the harm human activities are causing, such as pollution, chopping down trees or the changing climate. We invited them to make protest materials to join us in a parade, and we held three of these parades during the day. They made cardboard placards, masks and tabards.

See some of their work in these two Flickr albums, one of the event overall and a set of those placards that were left behind. If anyone has any photos of the parades, we’d love to see them, as we were in role as wild beings taking part in the protests rather than taking photos!

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