Prep for prototyping

There are now 22 people booked to contribute to the workshop to prototype the mobile version of Climate Museum. This workshop is on 20th July, at Toynbee Studios, part of the Season for Change. There are still places and it’s free. Here I’m sharing the slides of my intro in advance, so that those coming can prepare, and those interested can see the process.

Those coming, some things you might want to do:

  • Think about what you’d want a Climate Museum to be for you, and for ‘us’.
  • Note down a question that really got you thinking or talking about Climate Change.
  • Consider sharing an item that could be inspiring to others (e.g. poster, book, object or fact)
  • The workshop will include making a structure so it would be really helpful if you can bring one or two items of found materials that you think would be appropriate (e.g. a cardboard box, a piece of cloth, roll of wallpaper…)


The really central question for the workshop is: How can we all explore and talk together about Climate Change in ways that are emotionally healthy, intellectually rigorous, inclusive of all participants, and enabling a sense of agency? And how can a small mobile museum be a space that opens up this potential?

I look forward to meeting you and working with you!

Climate Museum UK prototyping

Screenshot 2018-07-20 08.14.52Screenshot 2018-07-20 08.15.02Screenshot 2018-07-20 08.15.13

Climate Museum UK prototyping (4)Screenshot 2018-07-20 08.15.45Screenshot 2018-07-20 08.15.59Screenshot 2018-07-20 08.16.10Screenshot 2018-07-20 08.16.21Screenshot 2018-07-20 08.16.34Screenshot 2018-07-20 08.16.44Screenshot 2018-07-20 08.16.56Screenshot 2018-07-20 08.17.08Climate Museum UK prototyping (11)Screenshot 2018-07-17 19.19.38

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