#4QsonClimate is a contemporary collecting project of Climate Museum UK. We are collecting what people feel about climate change, using four questions to draw these out. 

  1. If climate breakdown is a thing, or an object, what do you see? (Write a description or draw or make this object…)
  2. Thinking about this object, and what it represents, how does it make you feel?
  3. What do you feel like doing about it?
  4. How much do you feel able to do this?

You might use these questions to talk about it with other people and encourage them to take part. This is also an action research project, exploring the potential of making, drawing or describing an object to help us think about the complex enormity of climate change. Tim Morton has described climate change as a ‘hyperobject’, something that has power but is somehow invisible, massively distributed or too big to conceive of. 

There are several ways to share responses: 

  • Share by commenting on this post
  • Go to this online survey
  • Tweet your answers using the hashtag #4QsonClimate 
  • Email them to ClimateMuseumUK@gmail.com 

Also, if you come across a Climate Museum pop up activity, you might be invited to make draw, or to make an object with clay and write a label using these questions. This object will enter the Climate Museum UK collection.


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