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We are instigating Climatemas, and call on you to hold a midwinter climate masquerade where you live on 21st December 2018.

The planet is in crisis. 21st December is winter solstice for the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest day. It will be a day of darkness, but the solstice also marks a turning and a rising into the new year. 2019 promises more threats from the climate emergency but also promises more creative resistance.

In the spirit of Extinction Rebellion, and to mark a Friday for Future, hold a gathering, walk or simple event in spectacular costumes and masks.

Dress as fellow Earth beings – any of the other species that are threatened with struggle and extinction.

Embody a wild ancestor, or Mother Earth, a sky god, or a weather spirit.

Be the ghost of Christmas future, or wear a mask to express your emotions about climate change.

March, dance, sing, put on a music night, or devise a climate-themed mummers play.

Mark the moment of solstice by shining a light on the truth of climate change, or burning a clock to show that we have nearly run out of time.

Paint your face or wear an amazing hat, and hand out leaflets in the high street.

Generally make a spectacle to raise awareness of climate change and ecocide. Resist the tide of Christmas consumerism.

If you use Facebook, do share posts on this event page about what you plan, and maybe create your own local Facebook event page. Comment on this blogpost to share plans.

Share photos/stories on Twitter or Instagram using #climatemas

Here are some inspirations for your costumes and masks

Fridays for Future is the ‘schools strike for climate’ movement started by Greta Thunberg. This is Extinction Rebellion

And here’s a poster! Email on if you’d like a printable PDF version.


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