December update

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CMUK on social media

Social media is really important to CMUK, with polls, creative prompts, and discussions. Sometimes they don’t get enough traction, so we’d really appreciate your support:

– Follow on @ClimateMuseumUK

– Do a tweet to suggest that people follow us

– Look out for calls for action and promote them

– For example, this tweet has had no responses yet.

CMUK is now on Facebook, not because we love Facebook but because a lot of people still use it. Join and share.

The first pop-up museum workshop: 12th January, London

Many thanks to St Margarets House for making available their Chapel!

Come and play with the prototype materials developed so far for the touring pop-up Climate Museum. Make creative responses, play with the games, and talk about the stimulus objects. Share ideas for more materials, or create some from scratch. Explore best practices for engaging people in inclusive and effective ways with climate change. Then, we’ll create an installation with the materials. The chapel of St Margaret’s House is a special space that should work well as an impromptu installation site. For the last 90 minutes, we will invite others in to see, and provide feedback.

Here’s the link to book free tickets to participate.

Climatemas (and something happening in London)

The last email told you about Climatemas on 21st December. Here’s the Facebook event for more. Use the hashtag #Climatemas to encourage creative, eye-catching or symbolic awareness-raising of the climate emergency on the winter solstice.

In London, there will be a day of action calling on the BBC to tell the truth about climate.

This is 10.30 until 5 at Langham Place. As it falls dark, we aim to mark the solstice with candlelit vigil etc, and some may then go on an illuminated & spectacular Climatemas walk.

CMUK in 2019

2019 is going to be the big year of global climate emergency response. There are signs of the cultural sector gathering into more networks and initiatives. There will be a bigger Season for Change in 2019, and the Museums Association conference will focus on global challenges. It’s clear that CMUK has a big role to play. Lots of people have got in touch to ask how they can contribute or benefit. The prototype ‘loose parts’ of the pop-up museum are coming together and will soon be ready to roll. But, capacity and clarity are still needed in some areas, so actions to come include:

– A crowdfunding campaign will happen soon – and an animated film is being created it

– This website will go ad free, and get an overhaul

– A meeting to galvanise and co-ordinate volunteers and advisors

– A business plan to work out the costs of a training workshop and pop-up installation, and fundraising options


Please do get in touch if you have any thoughts.




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