Culture Declares Emergency

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Climate Museum UK is going to be one of those Declaring a Climate and Ecological Emergency on April 3rd, and is involved in forging this movement.

This is the invitation…

Humanity faces the combined catastrophes of man-made climate change, a mass extinction of vital biodiversity and a degradation of ecosystems health everywhere. This is a Climate and Ecological Emergency, and radical action is needed now to give some hope for thriving life and for global social justice. Local governments all over the world are declaring an emergency, and rebels and school strikers are demanding action.  

We are arts and culture practitioners and invite you to join us in Declaring a Climate and Ecological Emergency together, on April 3rd. In our Declaration, we pledge to work with communities in tackling this emergency, we call for Truth, Action and Justice, and we express the value of Arts and Culture in imagining and forging better ways of relating to each other and the living planet.

We have produced an online toolkit to help you in making your own Declaration, and in spreading the word.

How to take part in Culture Declares Emergency

  • Culture Declares Emergency will launch on 3rd April. To be in the first wave of declarers that will be announced on this day, get in touch using this form by 29th March. We will then send you all relevant promotional materials (e.g. a banner/logo) for use on your websites and social media, ready for you to make your announcement on the 3rd April.
  • Use the toolkit to guide your Declaration process in consultation with your teams or board. Then write your statement, using the Declaration template to help you.
  • Help invite other people/organisations to declare using #CultureDeclaresEmergency on social media and forward this letter. Follow @CultureDeclares on Twitter. ‘Like’ the Facebook page and look out for events publicised there.
  • Get involved in one of the first Culture Declares Emergency events Letters to the Earth on 12th April. Join theatres and arts venues across the country in hosting performances giving expression to their Declarations of Emergency. Any individual can submit their letter to be read, and all pieces will be made public during International Rebellion. #LettersToTheEarth
  • If you’re a blogger or journalist and want to cover this story, get in touch with this form A comment piece will be available soon. A press release with names of those declaring will be available on 2nd April.
  • If you’re unable to be part of the 3rd April Declaration, but are interested in the campaign, fill in the form and be part of further waves of Declaration.
  • If you have any questions about the process of declaring and what might arise for you, you can find answers here in the toolkit.


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